• Raquette Bernex

    Bernex has 5 marked snowshoe trails so you can discover Bernex village from an entirely new perspective.

    These 3 marked easy circuits are especially adapted to beginners:

    ●The Descent to the Esserts circuit takes you down to the resort on foot from Pré Richard passing through the Pellys and Esserts alpine farms.
    The Bécrêt Circuit goes up to the Bécret hamlet and returns along the Ugine.
    The Envers Circuit is a pretty loop in the Envers woods returning via the Esserts.

    For athletes, these two circuits are more difficult:

    The “Across the Meadows” circuit
    The Descent via the Bécrêt

    To create a loop you can do both the Descent via the Bécrêt and the Envers Circuit together.

    These itineraries are signposted with mauve coloured metal signs fixed onto wooden supports. A welcome sign is at the beginning of the walks, at the foot of the ski resort near to the ESF, the École du Ski Français.


    Download the map of the circuits
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    Pré-Richard Chairlift is Open to Pedestrians

    At the top of the chairlift you will find yourself at the heart of the ski domain. From here you can walk on the groomed trails and enjoy the magnificent panorama, return to the village or simply relax on the mountain restaurant terraces.

    • Pedestrian Trip
    • Child/Senior
    • Adult
    • 2-way Trip
    • €4
    • €4.50
    • 1 Day Open Access
    • €6
    • €6.50
    • 6 Day Open Access
    • €25
    • €28
    • Season
    • Senior: €35
    • Adult: €70

    Free: -5 yrs. old (and 75 yrs. old and over). Child: 5 to under 16 yrs. old Senior: 70 to under 75 yrs. old
    You will need a hands-free card (€2). Free with proof of ID.


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Snowshoeing Excursions with Alp'Evianature

Snowshoeing is an activity that everyone can enjoy, you don’t need to be experienced hikers.

Alp’Evianature brings together qualified mountain guides to provide snowshoeing excursions for all ages. For all excursions the snowshoes and poles are provided by Alp’Evianature for free.


You’ve never tried snowshoeing before and you would love to give it a go? We will help you discover this new sport and teach you all about the mountains in winter.


Discover how wildlife adapts to the winter landscape. You will be able to observe chamois on the Mémises cliffs (you will need a cable car ticket).


In a Caban’igloo on a beautiful natural site facing Lake Geneva, enjoy a selection of cheese such as Tomme, Abondance and other local produce.

Little Hunters

For all the family, a fun excursion hunting for animal tracks and other clues of their presence, followed by eating marshmallows grilled over an open fire.
Prices: child or adult: €18 / Family (4 persons): €60

Nocturnal Hike and Dinner in our Caban’igloo

Get your snowshoes on and go out under the night sky to join us in our Caban’igloo and enjoy a Savoyard meal: aperitif, charcuterie, Savoyard fondue and dessert.

Sporty Excursion

Ideal for sporty types or sports’ clubs. In a lively atmosphere and virgin powder, we will take you on a half-day excursion including exercise interludes and stretching if you desire.


Nocturnal Hike Aperitif

Under the light of the stars in the wild, and an aperitif!


How about a fondu break in the wild outdoors whilst out on a day trip!

During a day trip, there will be a fondue break in the wild! Fondue is a famous Savoyard cheese dish.

A Guide Just for You

You’re with a group, or with your family and you would like a personal guide, this is just right for you!
Half-day rate from €160 and full day from €220 (maximum 12 people).

Check the events programme.
Book at the Bernex Tourist Office.

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    • Prices 2020-2021
    • – 14 yo
    • Adult
    • Family
    • Prices 2020-2021

      Half Day, Initiation

    • – 14 yrs. old


    • Adult


    • Family


    • Prices 2020-2021

      Full Day

    • – 14 yrs. old


    • Adult


    • Family


    • Prices 2020-2021

      Half Day Tasting

    • – 14 yrs. old


    • Adult


    • Family


    • Prices 2020-2021

      Nocturnal Hike + Meal

    • – 14 yrs. old


    • Adult


    • Family

    • Prices 2020-2021

      Full Day with Outdoor Fondue

    • – 14 yrs. old


    • Adult


    • Family

Conseils pour les randonnées

Most of the classic summer walking itineraries are unadvised during the winter months. Hiking outside of the resort’s safe domain requires personal responsibility and respecting specific safety regulations:

Look closely at your chosen itinerary and the possible risks

Take into account the weather forecast and snow conditions including avalanche risk

The correct clothing and equipment for physical exertion in cold conditions

Provide your itinerary information to your friends or family, or to where you are staying

Snowshoes (even if they have improved in design) are not adapted to steep slopes, or frozen hardpack snow.