The Pays d'Evian Vallée d'Abondance Tourist Office

The Pays d’Evian Vallée d’Abondance Tourist Office was created on 1st January 2017, by the Pays d’Evian Vallée d’Abondance Municipality, regrouping the following Tourist Offices:

The Tourist Office’s legal structure is a public enterprise, and the board of directors consists  of half and half of elected members and professionals. The chairmanship seat is held by the president of the Community of Communes, (the Municipality).

The Tourist Office’s missions are similar to the previous Tourist Offices’:

  • ▪ welcome
  • ▪ attractions
  • ▪ marketing-communication
  • ▪ advice for professionals.

The Tourist Office’s budget is covered by a Community of Communes’ grant, professional support, visitor’s tax, sales and services to the public, etc.

A 13-strong team all year round run the Tourist Office (administration, accounts, welcome during the inter-seasons) and its development (market place, social networks, media, website, etc.). This team is reinforced with seasonal workers (travel guides and events coordinators).


C.C.P.E.V.A : The Pays d'Evian Vallée d'Abondance Community of Municipalitie:

The Community of Municipalities in the Evian region was conceived on 1st January 2005 to create a united and coherent space between the sixteen-member municipalities that share common interests. A consolidation that pools resources and succeeds accomplishments that one municipality could not undertake on its own.Since 1st January 2017, in compliance to the new French law, “NOTRe”, the communities of municipalities of the pays d’Evian and the Abondance valley have merged to create a new entity with increased skills: Communauté de Communes Pays d’Evian – Vallée d’Abondance.

The Pays d’Evian – Vallée d’Abondance territory covers 22 municipalities and 39,336 inhabitants (source: INSEE).

At the heart of an exceptional area of natural beauty it provides a plethora of contrasting landscapes. This environment, its historical and cultural heritage, and the multiple activities in all seasons, create a territory that is richly fascinating and a popular tourist destination.
It takes advantage of a privileged natural setting, between Lake Geneva and the Chablais pre-Alps, which makes it an exceptionally attractive tourist destination. Its diverse landscapes let us glimpse the multitude of possibilities on hand to the locals and tourists. Watersports, mountain biking, hiking, paragliding, skiing and snowshoeing, and more. There’s a wide range of activities for all seasons.

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