La Pointe de Bénévent summit

La Pointe de Bénévent summit

La Chapelle-d'Abondance

The Pointe de Bénévent, in the very heart of the northern Chablais area, very limestone, is a summit less known than its neighbors, the Cornettes de Bise, the Mont Chauffé or the Château d'Oche.

Its visit therefore requires a little more mountain experience, the routes being less well maintained than elsewhere. The most interesting is to do the tour starting either from Bise or lower from Lake Fontaine. From this lake, the climb to the chalet de Bouaz then to the collar where the old chalet de Bouaz d'en Haut is located is done on a wide stone track. From the collar, the ridge to the east successively leads by poorly marked traces to Mont Chillon then to the Pointe itself, protected by a slightly more delicate passage to overcome a sort of rocky lock. The other solution is to climb to the Floray pass on the Bise side. From there a path to the south then in the north slopes of Bénévent towards the west joins the previous route a little below the aforementioned rocky lock.

A totally wild and devoid of traces route consists of climbing the spur which is located between the chalets of Bise and la Pointe, by very steep grass slopes either on the NE side or on the SW side. Locate at the top of this spur a corridor which cuts the cliffs east of Bénévent. Go towards it and travel carefully through a half-rocky half-grassy terrain at the edge of climbing. This route leads little south of the highest point.

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