The Chablais is the 4th French Geopark

The Pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance is nestled at the heart of Chablais, a territory that is designated as a UNESCO Global Geopark (since 2012). Chablais’ UNESCO Global Geopark Network includes 23 Geosites, 7 of these are in the Pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance region. A remarkably rich geological and geographical region that incites you to explore and reconnect to the history of the Earth.

Exploring this region is a guarantee that you will discover an exceptional territory!

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     What is a Geopark?

    First and foremost it’s a home, a living space, brought to life by the inhabitants, visitors and local players where humans and nature live in harmony. A geopark includes a number of notable sites according to their individual scientific interest, their rarity, aesthetic attraction or their educational value. Their interest can also be archeological, historical and natural. It fulfills the desires of watchful tourism that is sustainable and more authentic, motivated by a return to nature on unspoilt lands.

    A combination of a lakeside destination as well as meadowlands and mountains, Chablais’ UNESCO Global Geopark Network provides diverse landscapes unique in their genre with a wide variety of moods and activities throughout your stay.

    Guided excursions with mediators, unique guided tours of cultural sites, hiking circuits complete the geosites.
    The rich natural, cultural and gastronomic  heritage add an exceptional touch to the territory, this immersive playground for a change of scenery and complete wonderment.

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Bernex is host to two geosites:

The Pré Richard Panorama
At the Pré Richard pass, you will discover the Mount César  geology and the Château d’Oche, a hot spot for Chablais speleology and the story of Bernex’s ski resort.

Mount Bénand
This circuit offer numerous viewpoints. In landscapes that have been forged by tectonics and erosion, you will discover the human touch as well, through the forestry, farming, breeding, and building. A free booklet is available at the Bernex Tourist Office.

Not far from the Gavot Plateau a few kilometres from Bernex:

The Champeillant Panorama
From this panorama you will discover the origins of Évian’s natural spring water, how the association’s missions to protect its impluvium and the history of the Champeillant Chapel. You will marvel at the exceptional 360° view of the Jura Massif, Lake Léman, Chablais and also the Alps’ highest point: the Mont Blanc.

The Maravant Marshes

Like the hundred or so marshlands on the Gavot plateau with glacial origin, the Maravant marshes consist of many unique ecosystems, and you will discover their key roles.